Decay Rate: (n) the reciprocal of the decay time. Decay Rate is a muscial pet project I started out of boredom and a love for different types of music. It meshes differing sounds, genres of music, concepts and forms of sound into something of an industrialized, techno, goth, hip hop, orchestral blend of oddity. All songs were created from scratch using a combination of programs including Sony Acid Pro, fax machines, broken speakers and just about anything I could get a hold of. Movie samples were used to add a voice as I did not have any means of adding vocals. Tracks are considered to be somewhat a "work of art" in the sense that they are released as is - as I saw fit. Some formatting, melodies may be off, beats may be muffled, off-beat, however, this is the nature of a hobbyist/artist. Feel free to sample, email, download, comment, etc. Tormenting Affliction

  • Mental Stimulation (contains sample audio from Matrix Reload)
  • The Candidate (contains sample audio from The Manchurian Candidate)
  • Improbability Theory
  • Niggas on the Left (contains a sample from "Clan in Da Front" © Wu-Tang)
  • Capacitor
  • Saga Continues
  • Apathetic
  • Last Moments (contains sample audio from Dark Knight w/Heath Ledger)
  • Extopia
  • Revelation
  • Emergence
  • Apostasy
  • Radiogenic
  • Anabiosis
  • Holding onto Sampling (contains a sample of "Holding Back the Years" © Simply Red (unfinished))
  • Antinomia
  • End of Daze
  • Conphunzion
  • Freedom
  • Reminder
  • Amphibios
    Anabiosis translated: I bring back to life ... Anabiosis is a second attempt to put together different sounds. I will attempt to mesh different genres of music and sounds.

  • Clear Path (contains samples from Babylon5)
    All songs © 2007-2009 J. Oquendo (sil at tormenting dot net)